Effective Cover Letters That Get Results

Most job seekers write cover letters. However, only a few of them gets hired. Read further see what makes an effective cover letter that gets results.

Catch the readers attention straight away. Usually, the first paragraph of a letter will be read. If your first paragraph is not well written the rest of the letter will probably not be read. Avoid phrases like “I am writing to apply for positions x”. The employer has probably read at least 10 letters and starting like that in the last 30 minutes. The more different your opening sentence is the higher the chances of the employer reading your whole letter.

Use a clear and readable format. Don’t write in large blocks of text, but divide the text into paragraphs of two to three sentences each. You want the employer to be able to see the most important points of the cover letter on a quick glance.

Show your employer how you can be of value to the company. The employer does not care how the position fits into your career plans. All he cares about is what you bring to his bottom line so make sure to explain in the letter exactly what you bring to the table. This is a common mistake of fresh graduates.

Write a tailored letter for every position you apply for. A generic cover letter shows that you haven’t bothered to properly research the job and your interest in it might not be very high. Ideally your cover letter should mention each of the key words required in the job ad and describe how you fulfill the requirements. For instance, if the job ad asks for a highly motivated individual with leadership skills you could write about your experience as a team manager where you took initiative and expanded the company’s market.

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